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Body Treatments

DETOX MUD WRAP 60 mins | $120

A detoxifying wrap to help relieve the body of any unwanted toxins and stress. Pair with a Dead Sea Salt Scrub and a relaxation massage for the most indulgent treatment. Regular wraps can also aid in weight loss.

DEAD SEA BODY SCRUB 45 mins | $80

A relaxing full body exfoliation using the salts enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea. Can be hot towelled off or paired with a detoxifying mud wrap and a relaxation massage for the most indulgent treatment.

60 min | $120

The Bodyology Microcurrent Body system uses WaveForm technology and Specific Frequency Signatures that communicate with the muscles via the neuromuscular pathways. It is safe, non-invasive, involves no pain or downtime.

Microcurrent is the closest thing to the body’s natural electrical system. We work with one millionth of an amp to speed up what the body does naturally, enhancing its ability to work with your muscles.

All Bodyology treatments will need to be booked in for a consultation before the commencement of your first treatment.

Improving appearance of skin and make it firm require exfoliation. It is also necessary to keep the skin hydrated as far as possible, which can be achieved by detoxifying your body at regular intervals. RoopRani hair & beauty salon offers body scrub treatment that can trigger cell renewal, mitigate damage to the skin by sunburn and other toxins ingested, and make your skin tighter. You can also take our body sculpting treatment to burn down the fat deposits from any body parts. It is a safe treatment whereby you can improve the size and shape of that body parts for which therapy is given. So, all your needs of getting rid of fat deposits, unwanted toxins, and reclaiming the previous looks are possible with us.

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