Cosmetic Tattoing Melbourne

Cosmetic Tattoing

Nobody is born with a perfect look. There is something lacking that ruins the whole look of the face. Thanks to the makeup industry, that correcting looks is just a matter of a couple of visits to a beauty salon. If you are tired of plucking and grooming your eyebrows, our mastery in cosmetic tattooing Melbourne CBD will help you get rid of your hectic schedule. RoopRani, a beauty and hair salon can enhance your eyebrows and augment the beauty of your eyes as well as delight others to look at you.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne offers the best and safe solution to fight losing eyebrows. Our “Eyebrow Feathering and Touch Up” technique will cover any loss of eyebrows and offer a finish that will make impossible to guess whether they are natural hair or have been given an artificial treatment. Our services of eyebrow tattoo Melbourne are defining looks of thousands of women by helping them achieve eyebrows that look and feel natural. Step into our centre or call us and make your eyes bewitching with our cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

Eyebrow Feathering | $550

Touch Up | $250

*All Cosmetic Tattooing will require a free consultation before treatment.

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